The Bomber, or Ma-1 Flight jacket is a nylon jacket that was developed for US Air Forces and Navy pilot. It became popular from Images of American fighterplane and helicopter pilots-especially during the war in Vietnam.

The first bombers, which date back tot he early 1950s, were in navy blue or olive green nylon with a sip pocket on the sleeves that match the specifications oft the MIL-J 8279 design. This model replaced the B-15, which had fur collar. In 1963, the green lining was changed to orange, the pilots could then wear the jacket inside out as a distress signal. The company Leather Industry  ist he emblematic manufacture of the oft he original Bombers brand. Other colours were eventually made available burgundy, black, and cam ouflage…
The emphasis on an expertise that is part oft he American heritage is also a genuine desire to provide well-made products of excellent quality in a range of jackets that are functional and aesthetic-the return oft the „Fly Jacket“ with a contemporary look at affordable prices. The collections are designed to highlight the materials, details, and models by taking advantage of the best cuts. A symbol of good design.

Original Bombers or the legacy oft he American Fly Jacket…a Brand of jackets that pays tribute to the heroes oft he past, but with a real touch of modernity.

While continuing to honour the importance oft he codes of aviation, the team of designers at Leather Industry search of inspiration oft he past by selectively appropiating their favorite fabrics and reediting them.
The collection also revives retro details, including original double seams, engraved buttons, and quality accessiories, repruduced with the original „Bombers Fly Jacket“ label.